Thursday, February 22, 2018

Swoopna Suman Mp3 Collection

A versatile singer and great artist Swoopna Suman has been a trending singer of Nepal. He is well known for his original compositions “K Saro Ramri Bhako “, “Mero Sano Pari ”, “Ae Hello ” and “Khulla Aakash”. He has been affiliated with Channel Arbitrary on Youtube and his songs are viewed by millions of User on the Internet. Till the date, he has produced four original compositions and around eight cover songs and all of them are super hit. Swoopna Suman has a unique voice and unique genre in music. Almost all of his songs are of unique nature and genre. Although Suman Thapa is his real name, he is mostly known to his fans by the name Swoopna. Swoopna means to sleep in Nepali.